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Cheap Costumes in a Crunch

Halloween is less than a week away and if you don’t have your costume picked out yet you’re probably freaking out a little. Instead of buying an overpriced, generic or “sexy” costume from a costume shop, take a look around your house! I’m willing to bet you have most, if not all, of the elements for a Halloween costume right in front of you!


skeleton costume

A skeleton is a relatively easy costume to pull off for Halloween – but it does take some make-up skills. There are tons of tutorials out there on how to create the skeleton look, and it’s actually a lot easier than you’d think. Once the make-up is done, you can wear basically anything you want.

If you have the time and want to take it a step further*, you can go to the dollar store and buy plastic spiders and fake webs to add to your hair.

*I added tights and gloves to my costume – but I planned ahead. Since Halloween is less than a week away, and this post is about cheap costumes I’m leaving those details out.


If you have an all black outfit but don’t have the make-up skills or steady hand for the skeleton look, you can quickly transform yourself into a black cat. All you need is a black eyeliner for the makeup! Paint the tip of your nose black, add some whiskers, and you’re all set. If you want to get a little more fancy with your face, there are plenty of tutorials out there.

Need ears? There’s a great tutorial here on how to make cat ears using scissors, a greeting card, bobby pins, some tape, and a black marker.


zombie car hop

You can basically pair anything in your closet with some zombie make-up and have a super creepy, and very relevant, Halloween costume.

Zombie make-up is super cheap, and you don’t have to have make-up artist skills in order for it to look good. A pale face, with darkened eyes and fake blood will do the trick. Of course, if you want to get a little more into it, you can purchase the ‘rotten skin’ kits from the store and have a little more fun. If you can’t find a costume store near you, zombie make-up kits can be purchased at any CVS, Walgreens, Target, etc.


Have a blue dress in your closet and time to run to the story to buy some devil ears? Pair them together and you can go as a devil in a blue dress!


For this costume, all you need is some spandex leggings, a bathing suit, leg warmers (or thick socks) and a hoodie. You can also cut the neck off of an oversized sweatshirt or t-shirt to create the off-the-shoulder look that was big in the 80’s.

If you have all of these elements in bright colors, that’s an added bonus!


Weekend Happenings

Every weekend I search the internet looking for fun things to do, that won’t break the bank. This week, I decided not to wait until the last-minute to do my search. Here are some of the fun things happening around Brooklyn this weekend.

You’re welcome.

This Friday, start Halloween a little early at The Bell House. They’re hosting CONFETTI: THE DANCE PARTY – HALLOWEEN EDITION. Doors open at 10p and tickets are $7 before midnight and $10 after. 


Also on Friday, Bitches Brew is hosting it’s monthly FREE comedy show at Haylard’s Bar. The show starts at 8:30, and based on the poster, it looks like it might be a costume party, but I would contact them first to be sure. You want to go to a comedy club to laugh, not be laughed at.


If you feel like venturing to Williamsburg, you can catch the Vernon Payne Dope Ass Variety Show at The Experiment Comedy Gallery. Show starts at 8p sharp, and tickets are $15 at the door (or $10 in advance).

You can enjoy the ultimate Sunday Funday this week at Barclays Center, which is hosting theTapped Craft Beer Festival. $39 will get you three hours to taste over 100 different beers, wines, and ciders – as well as award-winning food selections. Basically, it’s a day-drinkers dream. As an added bonus, they’ll also have the Sunday Football games playing on screens in the main concourse and VIP areas.