Thanksgiving Dinner Delivery

Thanksgiving is considered the big kick-off to the holiday season, and nothing says “holidays” like food and family.  But the cost of traveling can be expensive, and the fact that the majority of New Yorkers are not actually from New York means that many people living in the Big Apple and surrounding boroughs might be celebrating a “Friendsgiving” with their chosen family instead.

Just because you can’t make it home for Mom’s turkey and stuffing doesn’t mean you have to eat cold cuts or Chinese food as your Thanksgiving feast. Here are some places around the city that deliver full Thanksgiving meals right to your door!


Feed 2-12 people with small, medium, and large Thanksgiving Dinner options from Fresh Direct. Pre-order for delivery anywhere between Monday 11/23 and Thanksgiving Day. According to the website, meals go from “fridge to table in under 3 hours.” Rolls and desserts aren’t included, but you can add them to your order for an additional cost. Added bonus: Fresh Direct also sells wine and liquor…so you can literally get everything you need for an amazing Thanksgiving dinner without leaving your apartment. Meals come with turkey, gravy, stuffing, cornbread and sides; cost between $89-$219 without any delivery fees and tips.**

They have a $10 off deal going on for those who order early, so you might want to hop on it!







Serve anywhere from 2-12 people with different full meal options from Whole Foods. You’ll have to pick them up yourself, but that will still take less time than shopping and cooking the meal yourself. Especially if your culinary skills are less than stellar. They also have vegan options! Cost ranges from $18.99 – $279.99.


Fairway Markets have Kosher and Non-Kosher holiday meal options for Thanksgiving, Hanukkah and Christmas. You have the option of ordering items a la carte if you’d prefer. They also sell wine, liquor and beer, and offer pre-made cocktail mixers, disposable plates, and disposable utensils for a cost. Their pricing list was a little confusing in my opinion, so you’d be better off just calling to inquire.


Zabars delivers Thanksgiving, Hanukkah, and Christmas meals for 6 or 10 people. According to the website, shipping is free for orders over $49. Costs is $275 for a 6 person meal and $375 for a 10 person meal – not including tip.**


**The delivery people are working on a holiday so that you can enjoy yours – show them a little love with a nice tip!


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